Tag: Secure Shell

  • How to: Mount remote storage using sshfs

    For me, SSH has replaced three very flaky protocols. Telnet (true story) for an networked shell, FTP handling simple file transfers and finally NFS mounting network attached storage. SSH provides the -encrypted- networked shell, handles simple file transfers using SCP or SFTP, and has the power to mount filesystems using SSHFS. All in one protocol! […]

  • How To: Avoid password theft, Faceraping, Email hijacks etc. On public networks

    Has your email been blacklisted? Does your forum-posts suddenly contain nothing but kittens? Did your relationship status become same-sex over night? Well, physical access to your box may be the answer to most of these scenarios. But everything you send on public wire, in plain-text that is, has the potential to be sniffed out or […]

  • Tunnel HTTP traffic encrypted, using Polipo and SSH

    SSH can be used to do allot of great things. Login remotely, transfer files with scp and run single commands for a quick fix. All encrypted! Another great and well-known feature of SSH is SSH tunnelling. SSH tunneling can be used to tunnel any kind of traffic, and in this guide I’ll focus on HTTP […]