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  • Docker – TLS/SSL Reverse Proxy For Docker Notary Server

    Docker – TLS/SSL Reverse Proxy For Docker Notary Server

    Docker Notary Server is necessary for applying proper Docker DCT. But the support for applying your own TLS/SSL Certificate is.. shall we say.. ancient. Sure, you can supply your own certificate, docker-compose build, docker-compose up -d aaaaand.. Docker Notary Server is running with the supplied certificate, generated with LetsEncrypt, valid for.. three months.. Here’s how […]

  • iPhone App: Privacy PGP Messenger – Sending GPG/PGP Signed Email

    Ever since I first dove down into the many protocol specifications of a typical email-setup. I noticed that there is very little (no) privacy, and (absolutely) no security. Sure, most protocols can be “tunneled” through SSL/TLS in the Session and Presentation Layer. But how can you guarantee message integrity when it relays off to another […]

  • How To: Avoid password theft, Faceraping, Email hijacks etc. On public networks

    Has your email been blacklisted? Does your forum-posts suddenly contain nothing but kittens? Did your relationship status become same-sex over night? Well, physical access to your box may be the answer to most of these scenarios. But everything you send on public wire, in plain-text that is, has the potential to be sniffed out or […]