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  • Ubuntu – Remove Snapd

    Ubuntu – Remove Snapd

    When I deploy a new Ubuntu Server, I automatically get this thing called “Snapd”. What is it, some package manager? Whatever it is, I don’t need it on my server. Here’s how to remove it: First, check if you have some Snap packages installed: Second, Remove (if any) installed Snap packages Third, Stop the Snap […]

  • Docker – Host Your Own Private Container Registry

    Docker – Host Your Own Private Container Registry

    Docker Hub (hub.docker.com) provides a great and Free service for pushing, and pulling of course, Docker containers. Many of the major software providers use Docker Hub for their primary container distribution, and you yourself can create an account and push your own images. They do, however, only allow one free private repository. This may not […]

  • Mount FTP-servers using CurlFTPFS in Linux

    Allot of us server/website administrators use FTP to quickly upload new files and changes to the server. But when you are tinkering with something on the server, and you quickly want to see the effect. It can be quite hectic when you have to login, upload changes and check several times. Especially when the FTP […]

  • How To: Create a Website Favicon (Favorite Icon) Using GIMP

    So, you may have noticed that my blog has a cute litte tux the penguin looking at you through a round little window up in the left (or right) corner of your web browser. What you are seeing is known as a “Favicon” (short for Favorite icon) and it’s used to quickly and simply identify […]

  • How To: Play Classic MS-DOS Games in Ubuntu Linux

    Ever wanted to play all of those classic MS-DOS games that you have on floppy in your old dusty drawer, but don’t have any retro MS-DOS computer? Don’t worry, you can play (almost) all of them in a emulated MS-DOS environment. And the emulator is called ‘dosbox’, and it’s not only available for Linux, Windows and Mac […]