How To: Play Classic MS-DOS Games in Ubuntu Linux

Ever wanted to play all of those classic MS-DOS games that you have on floppy in your old dusty drawer, but don’t have any retro MS-DOS computer? Don’t worry, you can play (almost) all of them in a emulated MS-DOS environment. And the emulator is called ‘dosbox’, and it’s not only available for Linux, Windows and Mac to! (among others)

To install it in Ubuntu Linux, Open up the terminal and type: sudo apt-get install -y dosbox, enter your password if prompted and wait for the install to finish, done! When ever you want to play your game, cd into the directory where the games at and type dosbox ‘game.exe’.

The speed and sound may wary compared to the real thing, but at least it works (sometimes).  I wont describe the emulator in detail, but it has allot of options that you can set. If you find that the emulator doesn’t install trough apt-get, alternetavly you can compile it from source and install it from there – or – if you want to download it for a different operating system, go to and download it from there.

NOTE: I will NOT supply any dos games.

Do you use dosbox?

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