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  • Running Counter-Strike 1.6 Server on Docker

    Running Counter-Strike 1.6 Server on Docker

    Counter-Strike 1.6 is a classic first-person shooter game that is still enjoyed by many players. If you want to set up a dedicated server for Counter-Strike 1.6 using Docker, this guide will walk you through the process step by step. 1. Install Docker: Make sure you have Docker installed on your system. Docker is available […]

  • Minecraft 1.3.1 – Weird Iron-Ore Spawn

    When I recently upgraded Minecraft to the latest version (1.3.1), loaded up a new world, entered a cave system. I saw something that I have never seen before in a cave system, 14 peaces of iron-ore in one vein! I guess I’ll have iron for days 😉

  • I Freakin’ Love This Thing! – Touch Sudoku

    Ever since I learned Sudoku, I’ve had great difficulty putting it down. That is the book, the print-out, the app and now the console. I find it an awesome way to relax and really use my brain. I have noticed that my current tiredness really affects my performance in the game, that is time to […]

  • How To: Play Classic MS-DOS Games in Ubuntu Linux

    Ever wanted to play all of those classic MS-DOS games that you have on floppy in your old dusty drawer, but don’t have any retro MS-DOS computer? Don’t worry, you can play (almost) all of them in a emulated MS-DOS environment. And the emulator is called ‘dosbox’, and it’s not only available for Linux, Windows and Mac […]

  • N-Game!

    What we have here folks is a highly praised flash game, a game that’s close to my heart, that has made my day several times and caused some serious FRUSTRATION. The game is called “N-Game” and i have played it for years, both online and as a executable. It’s a fun yet simple game, the […]