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  • Minecraft 1.3.1 – Weird Iron-Ore Spawn

    When I recently upgraded Minecraft to the latest version (1.3.1), loaded up a new world, entered a cave system. I saw something that I have never seen before in a cave system, 14 peaces of iron-ore in one vein! I guess I’ll have iron for days 😉

  • I Freakin’ Love This Thing! – Touch Sudoku

    Ever since I learned Sudoku, I’ve had great difficulty putting it down. That is the book, the print-out, the app and now the console. I find it an awesome way to relax and really use my brain. I have noticed that my current tiredness really affects my performance in the game, that is time to […]

  • How To: Play Classic MS-DOS Games in Ubuntu Linux

    Ever wanted to play all of those classic MS-DOS games that you have on floppy in your old dusty drawer, but don’t have any retro MS-DOS computer? Don’t worry, you can play (almost) all of them in a emulated MS-DOS environment. And the emulator is called ‘dosbox’, and it’s not only available for Linux, Windows and Mac […]

  • N-Game!

    What we have here folks is a highly praised flash game, a game that’s close to my heart, that has made my day several times and caused some serious FRUSTRATION. The game is called “N-Game” and i have played it for years, both online and as a executable. It’s a fun yet simple game, the […]

  • Pac-Man took 4,8 million working hours

    Rescuetime concluded that the google pac-man game caught allot of peoples interest, 36 seconds where spent on average during the day. The game showed up on googles first page to celebrate the 30th year anniversary of the game. Acording to Rescuetime, 4 819 352 working hours where lost, not to mention money. But to some […]