I Freakin’ Love This Thing! – Touch Sudoku

Touch Sudoku nr1Ever since I learned Sudoku, I’ve had great difficulty putting it down. That is the book, the print-out, the app and now the console. I find it an awesome way to relax and really use my brain. I have noticed that my current tiredness really affects my performance in the game, that is time to completion. Anyway, I received a really awesome gift this Christmas, Touch-Sudoku.

I’ll admit that it looks like another cheap Chinese plastic nightmare, that reeks of Benzene and PVC. But I think this one is really high-quality, and uses a basic resistive touch-screen with stylus. It also uses a blue LED backlight for illumination of the screen, which comes in handy. The sound effects remind me any other small single-purpose minigame, and plays a quite rewarding chime when you are successful 🙂

Here’s some high-quality pics of the device itself:

BTW, the thumbnails are clickable 🙂

Touch Sudoku nr2Touch Sudoku nr3

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