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  • GrapplingIgnorance – Facebook Christianity

    A lovely poem by GrapplingIgnorance, regarding religious individuals using Facebook to share their theistic beliefs. Link to his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/GrapplingIgnorance

  • UPDATE: Run ffmpeg On Mac Without Compiling Anything

    This is going to be a update to a post I did a few days ago, “Run ffmpeg On Mac Without Compiling Anything”. I did get some good and skeptic response. They solution I posted does indeed work, but it’s a very old binary and you don’t get ffplay, ffserver etc. And a nice fella […]

  • How To: Start And Stop ffmpeg Converting At a Specific Time

    Whoaa, Long title there! Anyway, as the title would suggest, I am about to explain to you how to start and stop ffmpeg converting at a specific time. The command variables are very simple -ss (Start time) and -t (Convert as specified amount of time). Sounds tricky? Don’t worry, i’ll explain it to you in […]

  • How To: FLV Video Conversion Using ffmpeg

    This is a traceback to an old post made back in 2007, it’s about what used to be “High quality FLV“, you can find the post HERE. Let’s say you want to watch a video in that classic old low resolution flv format that used to be common on the web -or- you may want […]

  • Run ffmpeg On Mac Without Compiling Anything

    So you may be thinking, how on earth am I going to install ffmpeg on Mac OS X, do I compile it myself? Install it trough macports? NO, There is a perfectly fine and stable ffmpeg binary out there that someone else has compiled for us, and that someone (or he/she) is “FFmpegX”. FFmpegX is […]