Run ffmpeg On Mac Without Compiling Anything

So you may be thinking, how on earth am I going to install ffmpeg on Mac OS X, do I compile it myself? Install it trough macports? NO, There is a perfectly fine and stable ffmpeg binary out there that someone else has compiled for us, and that someone (or he/she) is “FFmpegX”.

FFmpegX is a graphical front-end for ffmpeg (GUI) that makes it really easy to convert video and audio into different formats, however, I have used ffmpeg from the command line ever since I heard about it, and i prefer using it that way. And I didn’t want to compile it or use macports since I almost screw up my machine once doing so. So I went looking around for a pre-built binary¬† And I found it!

It turns out that there is a perfectly fine pre-built binary in the FFmpegX package itself! Here’s how you get it:

  1. Download and extract the FFmpegX package from here
  2. Control-Click the FFmpegX application, Choose “show package contents”, Go to “Resources”
  3. Copy the ffmpeg executable to /usr/local/bin (NOT /bin)
  4. Open the terminal and type ffmpeg to see if it works.

If you have any problems, type these commands and try again:

sudo chown root:wheel /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg
sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg

Do you find ffmpeg usefull?

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