Bad Boy

Anime Bad BoyYou have your own hopes and dreams, You are active in everything you do, You are the leader of the tribe. You are independent of any needs and emotions, You do everything you feel is right, You are emotionally strong, You don’t like something just because you don’t like it. You are a Bad Boy

You spend your time, follow your dreams, executing your plans, and stick to them. You never change because someone else wants you to. You never try, you are just being yourself. You never forget your identity. You never wait for someone else to tell you what to do, or where to go. You lead the way, and is never afraid. Your leadership is natural to you, you know what you want and where to get it. You are in absolute control.

You don’t need anything, only yourself. You always create your own fun and entertainment. You have your own hobbies and interests that you love spending time on and enjoy very much. You realize that life is as fun and interesting as you want to make it. You never look for happiness elsewhere, you don’t need to.

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