Yin and Yang

Yin And YangI did by no means write this text, I accidentally found it while searching them interwebbz for something completely different… The post is titled: Gender: The Masculine and Feminine Principles and I found it on a blog called: Virtual Synapses. I selected the part of the post explaining the meaning of Yin and Yang. Enjoy!

Yin and Yang (Taoism)

Taoism is a Chinese religious and philosophical system. It is derived from the root “tao” which means “way, route, or principle.” Here in our country, the word “tao” literally means “a person.” Anyway, Yin is the equivalent of the female principle in Taoism while Yang is the masculine principle. Yin is dark, passive, feminine, cold, and negative while Yang is light, active, male, warm, and positive. Similar to the previous concepts, the idea of harmony and balance are also the basis of yin and yang. Also, in Taoism, they have what is called Tao Yin, a series of breathing exercises that cultivates ch’i or internal energy which they generally use for healing and other interesting purposes. By the way, despite the variety of esoteric systems that exist in our world, you will find that it is always the feminine principle that holds many fascinating qualities.

Link to post: http://virtualsynapses.blogspot.com/2010/06/gender-masculine-and-feminine.html

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