Create your own (Non-Commercial) QR-Code

QR-CodeA QR-Code is a form of barcode (which you can find on almost anything you buy at the supermarket) that has the ability to store different types of information. Such as: Alphanumeric text, a website URL, a phone number and a SMS text message. Once the barcode is generated, it can be printed and scanned with a QR-Code reader. Like a cellphone camera, and decoded with an app on the phone. Like the app “RedLaser” for iPhone.

A simple (Non-Commercial) way to generate your own Qr-Code, is to use the Kaywa QR-Code generator at From there you can generate a QR-Code containing all the types of information i expressed above. Then you can print it and put it on posters for example, as a form of link to your website. The user, using a reader-app on their phone, will be directed to the website when the code is scanned.

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