ImpairedSpanish Flu: 100 Million dead. Asian Flu: 1.5 Million dead. Hong Kong Flu: 1 Million dead. 2009 Flu Pandemic: 18.000 dead. You are happy, creative and healthy one day. Sad, Dumb and Impaired the next. Vaccines get developed and awareness increases. The virus only changes it’s shape, and gets more selective among it’s victims.

The Unpredictability of human health, leaves man with a seemingly gloomy and dark future. The different kinds of Influenza are no longer lethal and are easily avoided. But the pain and suffering they cause is still unavoidable, and the relief the drugs cause makes the pain more intense.

The Impairment is temporary, and far from pleasant. When you are used to having an active and creative personality. You cannot actively stimulate your senses, to spark ideas and create something new. Your ears natural frequency-response is deranged. Sometimes you hear to much, sometimes to little. You cannot focus your eyes properly. The beauty of the three-dimensional world is blurred, and not what it used to be. The sensation of touch is sensitive. Minor imperfections in the joints and muscle groups comes to attention. Taste and Smell are gone completely.

Never Trust the Future

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